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Kirby 64 - 02


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THANK YOU for remixing this song at all, first of all.

Now, that said, the production is not that great in this? It sounds all cluttered and there are bits where it goes all crackley, which sounds baaad. Don't know if that's the newgrounds player or what, but if it ain't, fix it!

The arrangement is conservative as all get go; you basically removed a whole lot except the melody and the chords accompanying it and added a couple of other things. This sounds actually quite good, because Zero Two is so sexy that it's hard to arrange it while keeping the original sexiness intact. (I have considering remixing this song but have not for this reason.) BUT as a result of these things, a) it is pretty much a note for note cover of the original and B) it doesn't go anywhere.

So basically it sets a sad mood but it keeps that exact same level of sad through the entire thing. We don't get more sad as it goes on, we get the same level of just general "D:" Build it up to something is my suggestion for this.

Again, thank you for remixing zero two it is the best kirby song thank you thank you

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