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Down Load them ALL! add on for FireFox seems to eat my memory.

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I seem to be having a problem with DTA!. I tried to download a file around 1.2 gigs worth and used Dta. The comp acted up so I restarted it and tried again. Only this time the memory was filled around 500 Megabytes. Confused I tried to relase the internet cache, some olde music to make room and did it again. The program acted again and now I am with less memory then before and I am kinda low right now on file space. What I am more confused is where this data is going since I tried to look for it but to no avail. If any one can give me a hint as to how to find hidden files from incomplete downloads, I would be grateful.

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I would check your browser's download options to find where it saves them. Otherwise, check temporary internet files or even the TEMP folder for files that look like familiar downloads. The TEMP folder can actually have useful files in there sometimes. Try not to mess around with it much. Still, having something saved on your computer will not decrease the amount of memory you have, only hard drive space.

If memory is a problem, then you should be able to dump anything left in it by restarting the computer. If Firefox tries to restart the previous download through the DTA, then I would remove DTA completely, and restart the computer. It could be that DTA triggers a memory leak in FF with large files, but I'm not too familiar with the add-on. If that fixes the problem, then you can reinstall DTA, but try not to download big files any more.

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