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lovin it too much to waste time taking pics

on the creature stage now

this is my little buddy in his world his name is glitch because glitch is the best poster


ok now im up to the tribal stage which is pretty much like rts and you get to DRESS THEM UP

welcome to glitch village (yes thats what its called)




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Actually I've been playing through it, and I've been a carnivore for most of the game, and I say that the carnivores are easier to play as, but if you want a harder game, play as a herbivore, and if you want a real challenge, play as a omnivore. It's easy enough to kill everything that moves, even harder to appease all the different tribes and creatures, but it is really freakin' hard to strike a balance. Overall, I'm enjoying it though, and I think that it is must have. There is so much replay value in this game that it is really hard not to keep coming back.

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lol newb

the most of review you're going to get out of atma is either "this game is good guys you should play it" or "this game is terrible you all are terrible"

only a few games get the atma seal of approval though

somewhat untrue

i gave a pretty good review of smash bros back in the day and yes its true very few games get my seal of approval but this is definitely one

i wont have my official copy until sunday but after playing it i have absolutely no regrets about the purchase

the game is pretty easy but then again i put it on easy mode for this trial runthrough and ill be playing it on hard when i start over

the fun of it really isnt in the difficulty as much as it is in the ability to create basically everything and do it how you want and ALWAYS get a different product

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