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Need help gettin File down to acceptable size while still in MP3 formatting!


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The only way i'll be able to submit my work is if i have it in MPEG4 audio instead of MP3 layer, any help that anyone can give me?

In terms of file size, there's not going to be any difference between an M4A and an MP3. An MP3 encoded at, say, 128 kbps will be the same size as an mpeg4 audio file encoded at 128 kbps (give or take a few bytes). The benefit to using MPEG4 is that it's more efficient than MP3: a low bitrate M4A file will typically sound better than an MP3 with the same bitrate.

How long is the song you're trying to compress? Unless it's extremely long, there's no reason why you can't meet the filesize requirements.

EDIT: If you can't get it to work out, send me a WAV copy and I can compress it to OCR standards for you.

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