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Worst game music


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It was a terrible fucking game, too.

What? Didn't you find the hidden level?

Dude! Mario's got Peach bent over, with her hands on the wall. You hit the buttons to the rhythm of remixed classic Mario tunes while Mario bangs Peach doggie style. Yoshi, along with various enemies from the series, are cheering him on in the background and if you miss the timing of a button, Mario prematurely ejaculates and you have to redo the entire regular level over again after Peach trash talks you and walks out. It sucks if that happens, because hidden level's not accessible anymore... meaning you get one shot at it. If you blow it, you have to start a new game and play all the way up to the hidden level again to give it another shot.

I won't tell you what you win if you make it through all 13 tunes. Don't wanna spoil it. But it's probably one of the better fucking games out there.

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Mega Man 2 for game boy.. wow. real eye opener (I mean, ear closer/deafness-wishes-inducer). I wonder if anybody has ever tried to submit remixes for of those songs - my next question is could there even be an acceptable remix from that game?.

The only thing that could grab my attention melodically was the Crash Man theme... but it still stunk.

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Can we nominate pirates? I want to say Somari. Give these beautiful renditions of Sonic classics a listen.

Green Hill Zone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfNaZieOzeM

Marble Zone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1_Uc396T4A

Spring Yard Zone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGYcZVWPzUQ

Reminds me of this

I'm still not sure if I love or hate the score in TSRPR, but kudos to them for putting forth the effort.

It sounds like they're modulating synths that were originally used as sound effects for a lot of their background music. Listen for the yoshi-spits-shell noise in the lead instrument.

Also, nominating Sonic CD as having one of the least appropriate scores ever. I played it for the first time about 3 or so months ago, expecting music up to par with the others. Biggest letdown of 2010 for me so far.

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The problem with MM2 GB is that the sounds are just... horrible. The melodies themselves are quite awesome. Transfer the same melodies to better hardware and you've got some sweet tracks.

yeah.....i'll have to get on that... ...

link? (you really didn't think i'd put that kind of effort into it?)

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i love your vocabulary

I only start to use repetitive expletives when something REALLY makes me mad.

Like buying and playing Yoshi's Island DS, complete with piss-poor levels, music made by retarded monkeys, stupid gameplay, and an art style that manages to be both a mockery and a disgrace to the original.

Good LORD how did they fuck that up so badly?

Also, you guys are forgetting the best part of the pirated GB Sonic game, the ending!

It's kind of like Winter Games' soundtrack.

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I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but Skyblazer sounded pretty bad (SNES) - credit to Vig for showing us this during PAX East.

(2:23 - That's how it's done, Deia.)

Gameboy MM2 seems to suffer from poor sound programming, but the compositions themselves aren't screaming "ass" to me.

That Captain Commando stuff sounded damn close to a winnar. Something about SNES Capcom games in the mid-90s... the instrument sounds they used got annoying. One example, and my pick for worst: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6GsUe0hAVIo - Final Fight 2 had quite a few good tunes, most of which weren't used; instead, THIS damn ditty is heard over HALF the time!

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I hated Final Fantasy Adventure's (GameBoy) music. It had a few gems later in the game, but the majority of it was pretty awful to me. They then made Sword of Mana, which "updated" a few of the tunes, and I hated that one, too. This one is mostly supbjective, though.

Don't hurt me, BGC.

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Mario's Time Machine and Mario is Missing: in the same boat, while the latter isn't as horrid, changing a few notes or part of the rythm in a song doesn't make it necessarly improved. Certainly not in this case.

Donald Duck Mahou No Boushi: Probably not the worst soundtrack ever, but the constant use of duck sounds in certain songs can get on your nerves quite fast (namely the theme song). A shame really, since some of the songs are remix worthy.

Ballz wasn't that bad at all. It uses shitty sounds, sure, but it's nothing that bad. And for SoR3, half of it was terrible. Some of the songs weren't so bad (although half of those good songs were reused from SoR2).

Agreed with Action 52 x_x

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@Chadley: You do realize Final Fantasy Adventure was just a bastardized version of Sword of Mana, made to capitalize on the FF name, right? Sword of Mana for GBA was just an update of the original. Not that it affects the music, but still.

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