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New Comp - Need speakers


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I need some suggestions for speakers for my comp.

Currently I use Bose QC2 headphones, but after a while I'd rather not have them sitting around my head a.k.a. I want speakers.

Anyone know a good brand / pair that I should get?

I'm looking for just the basic right,left,sub for <= $30

If you know of some great bargain for crazy surround gizmo boom bash speakers that is more than $30, then I'll take a look.

Currently, I'm just thinking about going to Office Depot to get a cheap pair, but I thought I should ask here first since everyone is so sound/music savvy.


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If you're willing to shell out a little more money, I'd suggest something from Bose. I have these. They're $70 online usually, but if you can find a BJ's or Costco or someplace like that, you might be able to find them for $50-$60 instead. What's great about them (and the other kinds in this line) is that they don't need a separate sub; the speakers handle that just fine on their own, so no need to waste space with a big sub unless you really want huge lows. Anyway, great sound on all the ranges, I think, and at a good price.

But if you are really wanting to stay in your range, I'll have to agree with the others; Logitech has some good ones, though most are a bit more than $30. You'll have to shop around to find ones you like.

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