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Can anyone help with a video?


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Hey guys! I hope it's ok to post here as this isn;t really to do with remixing video game music, but it is kinda related.

My band Auteur Theory, are releasing a new EP soon and we need a video for one of the songs to splash around the net.The song we're thinking of is very 'video-gamey' in style, so we thought it might be cool to have the video be something game-related.

However, we have no experience in making videos, so we're asking if anyone here would be able to help out?

We can send you an mp3 of the song if you're interested (we just don't wanna make it public yet). However you can hear a sample on our myspace. It's the top son [Nebula EP Sampler] and the track is featured twice (from 0:57 to 1:27 and again at 2:13 to 2:28 ).

Cheers guys!

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