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hey bud

you're right, it's a short piece to work with. The first thing that probably springs to mind is the EQ of the track. It's a little bit..well, maybe a lot muddy down the low end of the spectrum... and there isn't really much happening in the high end (that has a lot of potential).

However, if you were going for that particular sound then I think it will benefit a little bit of clean-up especially in the low end, if you want to keep it like that. I can even hear artifacts at some places.

The break-down section sounds like it would also benefit from another instrument perhaps? Or some kind of development. Then maybe a key change... okay im going off on a tangent. I don't know, but maybe see what you can do with that section too.

I think the music, notation-wise, sounds accurate. Not too familiar with the piece but it all seems to go together.

So yeah, if the lo-fi'ness is what you're after, try and clean it up a bit. I'd be interested to keep track of your progress with this one.

Good luck :)

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I don't know how recently you listened to the Genesis or SNES version of this tune my friend, but you may be disappointed when you hear them again. My violins are a far cry from what the Genesis synthesizer or the SNES Sony chip could put out.

Here is the Genesis version that I listened to while making this track


Here is the SNES version, which inspired the violin aspects.


I wouldn't call my violins exactly lo-fi, but upon giving the song another listen, I understand and acknowledge your grievance. I believe my problem is my EQing. I had to reach a compromise. My bass line (which is three distinctly EQ'd bass riffs layered together) and part of my drum line, were causing unintentional pumping throughout the track. The only means I had of dealing with it, was to choose a mastering suite that compressed the audio overall and created a better soundscape. The old sound is undesired and unintentional, but I found it to be better than having the bass line creating pumping that I didn't want. I'll see what I can do about that however. I have yet to try lowering the bass on the bass riffs. Thank you for the commentary and for listening. Hopefully I can rework it to be a more pleasing listen.

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I think the lossy audio compression MySpace probably applies to the track is really harming the track. The violins especially sound really lossy. Trying to listen past that, I really like what you did with the strings - they're a great addition to the track.


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I never knew myspace compressed audio. Then again it does use some form of a flash/java player. So I guess that would make sense. I'll see if I can EQ it to where it can surpass such audio limitations.

Or, you know, just host is somewhere else; it's not as if the internet wouldn't offer you enough other possibilities. Makes it easier for us to comment on your work, too, since we can focus on the track without having to take into consideration what you did on purpose and what is the result of bad compression.

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Indeed I have received very many requests to host things on Tindeck Audio. I do try to make my tracks available for download (at least initially) in the hopes that the download will be uncompressed. But i'll take note of using alternative sources for my next remix post.

well well well.....we meet once again, NativeDialect. lol Great mix by the way.

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