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Super Metroid 'Red Brinstar Jazz' (first WIP)

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Dude, you've been putting my feedback to shame with your recent wip runs. :D Keep at it, I like it.

Track sounds muffled. Bass is up, highs are fairly clear, but the high mids seem absent. Master EQ playing tricks on your ears, making you think that's pretty? it just makes the bass frequencies messy and the track a bit heavy on the ears. Piano doesn't need that much lows, it just screws with the track compression when the bass also plays.

The kick is either dry or just weirdly compressed, as it's pretty hard... and seemingly only consisted of low frequencies. It needs the higher ones for definition, so put some of those back.

Circa 2:40, I'm not feeling the piano. Needs some more velocity work, perhaps some timing tricks to make it more human. Works again around 3:00. You should probably go over the whole track, see where the piano velocity isn't human enough. Left hand writing around 0:50 is also a little inhuman. Just go over the whole piano track, humanize everything just a little.

Getting there... Show a J.

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Version 5


Source: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/JILost_-_SNES_-_Super_Metroid_-_Red_Soil_Swampy.mid

Well. Here's version 5. Yes, I did skip version 3 for some odd reason.

Thanks everyone for the critique so far.

So I made some pretty big changes here. I basically did away with the old production job. Hopefully this sounds less...bad, I guess. Hopefully the majority of the pumping is gone.

I really toned down the EQing on the instruments and there isn't any on the master track. I've got some reverb on the master, some slight compression, and a limiter. There's a little bit of compression and whatnot around the tracks, but it is much less dramatic. I used a multitrack compressor on the percussion track this time. Musically, I added a lot to the piano and did some cleanup here and there on the other tracks.

Let me know what you guys think.

How can I show this to a judge?


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k i love the arrangement. but its so quiet!

the kick i feel dosent have enough snaph to it.

piano sounds better in this version too.

are you playing the piano with 3 hands at 2:19?? lol jk

im not familiar with the source but sounds good!

needs some maximizing and other mastering but keep working on it!

how much reeverb do you have on the master?

only use a lil.

this version sounds better than version 4.

what are you using to maximize and multiband compress?

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Let's see.

Right now I'm using the Sonitus:fx that came with Sonar 5 Studio for the EQ, Reverb, Compressor/Limiter, and Multiband. I have a really bad CPU, though, so the quality probably isn't what it could be as far as processing goes. Either way. Like you said, it is way too soft. By maximizing, do you mean using the compressor to make it sound louder? (I'm a n00b at this kind of stuff). If so, should I maximize the master track on a multiband or singleband, or the individual tracks with the singleband compressor?

There is already some reverb on the piano so should I just drop the reverb on the master?

Right now I already have a multiband on the drums to make them louder (+6 db preset). Should I use another multiband to manipulate the kick to give it more snap. If so, what would be the best way to do that? (All of my drums are on the same track and all my instruments are soundfonts:sf2 or sfz)

As far as the three-handed pianist goes, I'll just pass it off as a duet :D

I appreciate the advice. I looked over zircon's tutorial and didn't find anything on maximizing exactly unless he referred to it while compressing so any advice on that would be appreciated. Thanks man.

Oh and what is the best way for me to show this to a judge?


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I generally ask the Js on irc. Any IM would probably work. It's best to introduce yourself ("hi my name is rozovian and im a remixerwannabe") and ask if they've got time to listen to a wip first, not just throw them the link. :P By now, tho, some of them might have seen your wip runs, but do it anyway.

About the remix... You don't have to make it too loud. Compare it to some posted piano and jazz remixes and see how loud it oughta be.

Piano already feels a little loud, especially in the higher range. Maybe you should drop the EQ around 1-4kHz a few dB. That's a guess, but see what it does.

I would also suggest panning the bass a little to the right. The piano you're using is appropriately panned so that the low notes are panned left, higher ones to the right. It gets a bit uneven that way, so moving the bass a little would even that out. Might even work better with the piano slightly slightly panned to the left. No promises.

That's what I hear. Dude, this has come a long way. Great work. Just some fine tuning left, I suspect (unless I'm missing something big that the Js are gonna find obvious). :D

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I've linked to the source for those of you that don't know it.


Thanks for the input. I also got some on irc. I still haven't been able to show it to a judge, though. I'll add an update with your critiques in mind.

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Hey everyone. It's been a while. It didn't make it past the judges panel, but that's okay. I wasn't in a position to do good enough production and mixing. However, I appreciated all the help on the WIP forum and I learned a lot in the process. If you want to here the final product, go ahead to the YouTube page.

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