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Raptor 'Mercenary Killer Pilot'


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Good day dear OCR Community.



I have made another remix that comes with my album. Its all about Apogee/Cygnus's ultimate flying game "Raptor". Everybody who knows it good, will recognize the songs. All others will enjoy it, too, I think.



Remixed Game: "Raptor: Call of the Shadows"

Song Name: Mercenary Killer Pilot (Raptor Remix)

Album (who cares? ^^): The Unrecognized Powers

Genre: "House" maybe, something electonic...

Length: 4:28 min



Free and quick instant downloads - klick and listen:

[Remember song name: "Mercenary Killer Pilot (Raptor Remix)"]

192 kbps @ FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/Mercenary+Killer+Pilot/;11116597;/fileinfo.html

56 kbps @ Vultracide: http://freenet-homepage.de/vultracide/audio/The_Unrecognized_Powers.html



Be aware:

- Sound is kinda crazily overdriven

- Some sound-klicks could be at place

- The mastering could not solve the problems that the song is overall over-bassed

But... -> I'm happy with it and it brings instant action into your room! =D

And: It's cool! 8)

Please have fun with it and always enjoy!

Yours faithfully,

Paul R. Ograbisz.

(...in service of audio art. =D)

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I had written up 3 or 4 paragraphs about how this felt too much like the original music from Raptor, only to check the source and realize it's a far stand from what this game actually came with.

It's one thing to create a remix that feels like a specific song, it's a whole new ballpark to create a remix that feels so much like the game's music style that you mistake it for the source itself!

There is a pulsing sound in the intro that hits twice then stops. I noticed it has some background noise in it, which makes the end of the pulsing seem unnatural to the quietly building intro. You might try adding a second set of pulses that fade out to fix this, or maybe try cleaning the noise up a bit.

Other than that, I can't find any technical or acoustic issues that you're not already aware of.

*Adds to library*

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Wow. Just . . . . WOW. This actually sounds like something that'd be used in a modern remake of Raptor.

If I were you, I'd submit it. I think it's worthy of being on OCR (but then again, it's also music from a game I particularly like, so I might just be a teeny bit biased there :P).

(By the by, Fireslash - that pulsing sound is from the end-of-level boss encounters: I think it was supposed to be a cross between a "Hey, here comes the big badass" warning and the sound their engines/generators/etc. make.)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello again! =D

I am really happy with what you've written. Thanks for listening to my stuff.



Yes, the remix only tries to present the given content in another way, especially setting accents on certain locations in the song and giving cool background sounds to make the song feel epic. (Remember the fading out concert of synthesizers between final and silent parts or else...)

Besides the correct fact member Macavity mentioned, the pulsing sound has one main function: When the game starts, the dark Cygnus-logo appears before the very cool intro starts. This is the moment, when the unknown, dangerous pulsing sound can be heard - it is the first thing to be heard in the game, so it should be (like when using the game) the first thing you hear before the adventure in my song starts. ^^ Sounds in old games are mostly recorded in bad quality not to be recognizable during gameplay. As we can see, it is recognizable in nowadays remixes. But I don't mind, because this untweaked sound is a connection to the game and it's history, which itself should come into the listeners mind everytime...

Besides, Duke Nukem 3D uses this sound, too. It is mainly heard near big computer stations. (Not wondering: Apogee is now 3D Realms...) Even MTV used this sound in a commercial clip for it's own program. Seems to be open source; like many sounds in old games.

The more I listen to this song, the lesser does me bug the mastering. Dependig on the hardware you're listening to it on, I think it is okay on most configurations, especially in car's soundsystems.



I don't think it would come through the judges. I don't exactly know, but I think they don't listen to such music genre (House/Minimal/Techno, something purestrain electronic) in their free time, so that they won't be willing to see over the buggy mastering.

My only wish is, that a hand full of people on the planet are sort of happy, even if they would hear the song only once after download.



Sometimes I find, that my recorded breathing at the beginning sounds a bit like a Tie Fighter flying by. ^^ Check it out.

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I haven't listened to your remix, might to that later, just wanted to say something about the judges and their preferences. Don't let the genre stop you. the J's might be biased towards certain genres, perhaps because the submission standards lend themselves better to those genres, but that's not a valid reason not to submit something. A valid reason would be because there's not much interpretation to the remix, or that you've already have a remix in the submission queue. I don't know if either is the case. Just don't assume the judges will reject a mix because of genre.

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I'm rather enjoying this mix, though it may be due to a personal preference for more minimal electronic music ;). I also kind of enjoy the more laid back mixing of instruments - it's a nice refresher from all the up-in-your-face approach that's all too prevalent. That said, there are a few recommendations I like to make.

First of all, the introduction feels just a bit too long before it starts get going (ie, when the drums come in). I think you should either add a tad bit more content during that section, or cut a few bars out so that it sounds more balanced with the flow of change coming in afterward. The slowly fading in pad thing was really cool, but after that part the music starts sounding a bit muddled. It's due to some of the instruments being similar spectrally and playing around the same range with similar figurations. The section starting about 3:15 sounds cleaner, probably because the bass isn't playing sustained notes. Ending section is fine too as it's lightweight.

I'd try spreading out the instruments a bit more panoramically and/or reducing the reverb a bit more on some of instruments, and see if that makes it sound any clearer.

Overall, though, I'm really liking how this sounds - good stuff :).

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