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ATTN ReMixers: Profile pictures


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Just throwing out the word that I'd like to add pics to several ReMixer profile pages. The only requirement is that they're a legit picture of you, and not, for example, your face half in the dark or your back to the camera. Dave's call.

If you'd like to provide a profile photo, drop me a line in the thread with the picture you'd like added or mail me a copy at larryoji@ocremix.org.

If you have photos out there, but are feeling lazy and don't mind me choosing one for you, just post and lemme know.

File format and large photos aren't an issue. I'm going to be resizing everything to 175 pixels wide. Height doesn't matter as much. I'll also be cropping any photos if they need it.


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idk if this was covered before, but I want to know if it's possible to update my profile picture. It's mostly for a personal reason, because I was too embarrassed to wear my glasses at the time of that pic and well...maybe it feels a bit dishonest to mislead ppl into thinking I look that way. Maybe I'm thinking a little too deeply on this but, it'd be nice to know if I can submit a new pic for my profile.


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How do I change my user image under my artist profile? OCR comes up near the top on both my google web and image search. The photo is a shitty myspace photo of me being drunk in college about 7-8 years ago.

Can we use this instead?


I apologize if this is some easily found option that I may have overlooked.



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