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im gonna copy this exactly as i posted it in the vorc thread

this is really how i personally think it should go but hey its just me and who gives a crap what i think i know

i think there should be another subforum of community called EVENTS for meetups/cons/anything like that and THAT should take competitions' spot on the front page

then all CURRENT competitions could start in community and then moved to this forum as kind of an archive when they are done

then there should be a sticky somewhere outlining rules for starting a competition (imo if someone wants to start a new one they should first ask a mod or smth) this way we dont get a buncha people making silly competitions that no one cares about

there are at the absolute MOST 6 or 7 compos going on at once and if the events get moved to their own private place (which im sure would get plenty of views because lots of people care about events) then community wouldnt be cluttered

please mods/djp think about this i think itd be good for everyone especially the part about having all events in one place as well

i mean in theory if all compos should go here those silly ourstage threads should be here too but WE'LL NEVER SEE THAT WILL WE

please do not lock or delete this thread as i think this could actually be a good thing

the mods are very active so its not like moving threads around (archiving compos or moving meetup concept threads into an event forum after interest in actually having a meetup is shown) is something that would be much of a problem for you guys

you would then be giving meetups and cons front page exposure all the time instead of just when they are at the top of community or they become SUPER IMPORTANT and get moved into announcements

also wed have a good place to archive all meetups and events because as it is now its hard to find old stuff and yes occasionally i do look for that old stuff

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a few more examples of why i think this is a necessity

both quotes are from the vorc thread

Oh man, I can't believe I missed the beginning of this. This stuff really needs to be posted in GenDisc.

Anyways, I have a question. You say effects are fine, but vocoders are not. Where do you draw the line? Would a simple filter effect with perhaps some delay and reverb be fine?

Thanks for the Gen Disc post, I missed this. I can't sing rock, but I'll try just for fun.

these are not noobs posting, they are well established members of the community

this further proves that very few people ever look at the compo forums

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