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Just so nobody wastes their time like I did (especially since the download takes a long ass time, and there are four of them and like me, many would want all of them because how good they sound in the description).

Dont get the wombat solina vst's. There is a trumpet, a viola, a violin, and another one... I can not get anything out of these instruments that soudns anything like what they are supposed to sound like (not only that, but I compared the viola and the trumpet one and they sound almost exactly the same if not exatly the same and I am sure everyone knows how different a viola and a trumpet are).


But yeah, dont waist your time, though they are usefull for really cheap and ugly sounds if you want it.

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Most of the synths that come here are really good but there is one that seems very harsh on your speakers. Almost every preset on one of these goes waaaay out of sound range causing major clipping. (im sure a hevy compressor would hep though you want something as good as possible before using any effects on it, so I just stay away from that one, I will find out the specific one tomorrow and let you all know)

Check these out and you probably should not be dissapointed as I use these often.

My personal favorite of these is the EGOkiller as I use it in almost every mix right now (tweak the "wide open" preset, its already pretty nice)

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you could use average sounds (soundfonts) and then mess with the tuning on it or just use a light ditortion on everything in your entire song. Or highly compress the entire finished product until everthing is close to a blur of musical sound... not sure if this works or not (max compression, max compresion ration, no attack high release, very high amp in the end and maybe a distortion as an extra amp). Should some pretty crappy stuff...

Ill try this out on an old mix and see if it destroys all dynamics and sound levels like I am thinking it may... oh, you could also cut the lows and highs a bit to decrease the dynamic range even more.

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Well, this seems like a good place to find soundfonts...

Does anyone know of any soundfonts that have good instruments to use in ambient-type songs? LousySpy posted a request on page 5 with a link to a clip from a Metroid Prime song. Anything like that instrument would be great... in fact, a lot of the stuff in Metroid Prime is good ambient stuff! Sorry I can't be more specific, I just need stuff to work into some of my ambient songs to make it more ambient sounding (go figure :)).

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I don't recommend soundfonts, or soundfonts specifically aimed for ambience. Any soundfont will do as long as you learn how to process the sounds. Experiment with the soundfonts youu have and play around with phasers, flangers, delays, reverbs, distortions. This is how it is created, the cool deep ambient sounds.

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I use the Sinfonia pack for rendering my composed music. A few tweaks for your custom needs, and it's near-perfect. It's a big load, so watch your comp usage and volume levels. For an example of something VERY roughly done with this pack, I point you to two things I created, then only recently rendered.

Edit: I'm using the free version. I expect that you'd have much greater options and quality with the full.


Echo of Hearts. I wanted to try out the brass. It's a quartet: Two trumpets, a trombone, a tuba. I don't think I added too much on top, other than a general reverb. Unpolished.


Aperio. I was comissioned to do this by a good friend. It's not polished, but you can hear what'll happen if it gets too loud. Added concert hall reverb and live equalizer controls.

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I'm kinda pressed on time and too lazy to read the earlier pages so I don't know if it's been mentioned, but can anyone direct me to any good guitar soundfonts? I need at least a good lead and bass guitar, something that could be used for rock/metal type music. Thanks in advance.

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