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Metal Gear Solid 4 'Guns Of The Gekko Gear Solid'

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Hi, just posting a ReMix I've done for fun.

A medley between the metal gear main themes and the GEKKO tune from Guns of the Patriots.

Also added some 'narrative' based stuff in metal-gear-style to add to a deeper mood.

A mix of symphony, synths and metal.



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No source link, no source comment.

Messy. You might want to work on the clutter that's destroying the intro for me. The intro writing sounds n00by, which is surprising as the rest of the mix is pretty good.

You could cut back on the volume a little, give it a little more room for dynamics, as the orchestral parts sound way louder than the guitar part. There are a few time where there's noise, I'm not sure if it's from the sample or if it's clipping, but it doesnt sound pretty. Check 2:00 and 2:40.

Apart from that, it sounds great, imo. Not sure how much is intepreted since I'm not familiar with the source. Work out the issues and this'll be awesome.

Remixer, listeners, please take the time to answer the questions in this post, we're trying to improve the WIP board and we need your feedback.

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