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OCR01765 - Crusader of Centy "Daily Training"


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Very upbeat! The snare punches me in the face though! It has a power level well over 9000, compared to the rest of the track. I think more sidesticking would have helped it ramp up properly.

I think the primarily keyboard leads are nice change of pace from the usual for you, and I know with some of your most recent stuff you are trying even more cool and new things. :-)

This is the kind of song that makes me reach for the sky, since it is such an overnight sensation. It really won't treat me bad, and certainly will rock me tonight.

And that's all I wrote!

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Ha, shoulda known this was an Iwadare soundtrack. Great source, great oldschool-style arrangement. OCR needs more of this classic feel-good stuff.

I make these words my own. Kinda reminds me of the reason OCR was so appealing to me back then. Good job, piano intro is very, very sweet.

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Continuing my review festival (I just sat down today and listened to over 20 new mixes, I haven't listened to any new ones since the beginning of September). The beginning of this mix for some reason reminds me of the end of a race in F-Zero. But it quickly develops further, and begins to channel... I dunno. Something anime. This whole thing sounds like a cut from an anime to me, but I'm not sure which one or why. I've only ever watched like 3. At any rate, good development and variation on the theme throughout the mix. It doesn't stagnate. At the same time, I do have to say it doesn't really go anywhere unexpected either. A good mix, although not one I'd put on repeat for hours.

EDIT: Woah creepy. Martin said the same thing I did, and I didn't even read his post before I wrote this.

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