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Mega Duck


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So I was doing this quiz (quite fun actually) and got 33/69. I noticed in the list of consoles I'd never even heard of was something called a "Mega Duck"

a quick search revealed THIS:




Has anyone else ever even seen [much less heard of] one of these? I was looking for a video of it in action because I'm curious as to how this thing fares in comparison to a game boy. LSDJ for the Mega Duck would be pretty awesome as well :D

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Well made 31/69. Can't believe I missed CD-i and Sega CD. Besides the mega duck you mentioned, the furthest down the %guessed I made it was 9.6% with the Vectrex. That mega duck is terrible though. Also known as Cougar Boy in the US. Hahaha, confuse the consumer for great profit!

PS don't try the Wonderswan or Wonderswan color, you'll only waste your time.

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I feel bad because I knew there were Neo Geo and TurboGrafx portables but I couldn't remember their names. Also, I hate the test because my dad had an Odyssey 300 and I kept trying to put that in but it's not in the list. But the 100, 200, and 400 that I didn't know existed are. And were the Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color never released in the US?

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40/69. i had another eight but couldn't spell them (turbographix turbographics turbographiks DAMMIT).

Tell me about it.

44/69, and several more that weren't taken for some odd reason.

Am I going crazy or is the 32x missing from the list? Or was it being counted as something else? Y'know, it had the game Knuckles Chaotix on it?

The 32X was an add-on, that couldn't run without the Genesis. So was the Sega CD, which is also absent. So I'm guessing add-ons don't count.

Edit: I went back and looked. I would have gotten 54 if it weren't for some issues (not spelling it right, etc).

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