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Track ID Request! Please Help?

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So, I was scavenging through an old hard drive the other day, and I came upon a folder I hadn't seen in a LONG time. Why? It was my first electronic music folder. Listening now, I know that the song doesn't sound professional, I hear mixing errors, and all kinds of other stuff, but it brings back an incredibly strong feeling of nostalgia.

I don't remember where I got it. I don't remember why or how. I know it was from a group of "Megaman Remixes," all of which I had found, however, I only really remember one song, entitled "MegaMan X3 - Gravitational II Dash". It seems to be a remix, although it's certainly possible that it isn't.

I would post it on other sites, but I believe that I have the best chances of getting an ID from the people here at OCR. One track I saw had an ID3 tag that I hadn't seen, saying it was from 2001. All tracks seem to be under 6 megs. It could be from OC Remix. I don't know, but I'm hoping somebody will.

Please, if you've heard the below track, tell me everything you know about it: site, author, ACTUAL game/song remixed, etc. I'd be really appreciative, thanks :)


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