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Software/samples for orchestral music


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I just got QLSO Gold and Goliath some days ago (Soundsonline), and the only reason i bought em, is because of game music production/remixing.

Not so fan of the PLAY.sll as i can only load one instrument per plugin, not change intrument all the time without stacking instruments playing one midi in FL studio. But i'll manage to control that soon, as I installed em yesterday :)


//happy buyer Sinfour

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VSL Special Edition is probably your best bet right now. It's enormous, covers all the bases, deeply sampled, and dry. If you like the idea of GPO you'll love VSL, since it's about 40x bigger and recorded much better. It's more expensive (~$450) but comes with its own custom player too. If I had to start again I'd get this instead of QLSO... which I definitely don't recommend now that it comes with PLAY (a plugin.)

I just bit the bullet and bought the VSL SE bundle (the standard SE library with the SE Plus expansion's additional articulations). SE by itself is currently discounted to $375 (I think until Jan. 15th), and the bundle is currently $750 (both from audiomidi.com). Judging by the demos I've heard, I've always preferred the VSL sound to the QLSO sound, but I can't give my actual impressions on the library or interface software since it hasn't arrived yet.

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