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Microsoft Songsmith


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Curious to what you guys think of this nifty program. I haven't tried it out yet, but it claims that the tune will be created for you based on your singing. You can choose from various types of genres, and micro-transaction for more samples and shit is integrated in addition to the defaults. There's an example in the page, and the results are pretty cool. Price is attractive as well. Overall, this could be nifty for those who want some inspiration in case they're stuck with their own works or something.

Wonder if anyone in OCR will find this helpful enough to use it.

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There was a thread about this in ReMixing back when the program was in alpha. Both Bluefox and Nicholestien posted in it. It was fun.


Ugh, did you have to bring "him" up? Yeah well, I'm checking out the program's web page. But based on your singing? Sounds kind of gimmicky to me. Yeah well, we'll see.

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Obvious midi rip, no heavy metal guitar riffs, not even a basic techno beat. Completely fails to meet all OCR standards.


I have a feeling that this would be the more likely response.

Also, http://jmr.sitesled.com/ok-i-think-i'm-having-too-much-fun-with-this.mp3

(at least the generated backing track in the last one actually had some resemblance to the original. this one would be completely unrecognizable if you removed the lead.)

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This looks...mildly amusing. Maybe people will start using this instead of stealing OCR songs :tomatoface:

Here's hoping that they try and bring it out in Australia; preferably physical copies. Although I'll likely be waiting a while, from the looks of things.

I also noted M$'s statement that they don't intend to make a music software suite or anything. Based on this statement, I'm not going to be surprised if they make their own version of guitar hero/rock band. Or Audiosurf. (AudioBand? :tomatoface:)

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I also noted M$'s statement that they don't intend to make a music software suite or anything.
Wonder how smart (or dumb) this decision is. Windows Movie Maker is somewhat popular, and it's a Microsoft product. I think it would have been a smarter move to make a program that could actually make music and simply incorporate the features of Songsmith into this program.

Oh well. They never seem to do anything right. Even if they did do it, they'd probably mess it up (Microsoft: "What's a VST?")

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That's my impression as well. I've only using it for a little over an hour and the novelty has already worn off. I don't see myself ever using it seriously.

I guess the problem is that while what it does is impressive on some level, from a musical perspective it's still so basic that it's only useful to those without much musical knowledge.

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First track:

Hardman Likes The Soft Merengue


Snakeman Night Fever


Proto In Tha Club (this one was particularly hard to make sound OK)


Do The Sparkman Twist!

hahahaha I can't believe I actually did this.

so...uhh, how much work did you really do (aside from stripping the main melody from the original tracks)? (they sound not so bad I guess, but I've never heard the originals)

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