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Ever have a character in a fighting game...


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Dan, on the other hand, dresses like a pansy (or a breast cancer supporter) and is somehow awesome in my hands.

You do NOT hate on Dan fucking Hibiki.

On a similar note, I wish I could play vega. I can never seem to get the charge moves right.

Benimaru, too, in most of the SNK games, is a character I wish I was better with- I'm decent, but I can never really consistently chain that kick thing that you need to do.

What else-

Uh, OH Blue Mary. I really wanna get the hang of her throws and shit. that'd be baller.

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Falcon Lose!

Falcon Kick can be pretty fast (but don't use it too often), and his backwards air move is fast too (but don't use that too often either). The knee is great, but you'll never hit your opponent with it if you use it too often.

Also: I have a hard time with SONIC because he's so damn fast, but I feel like his moves are so slow. The contrast kills me.


On second thought, I'm pretty bad at Brawl; take my Falcon advice with a grain of PAUNCH!!

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Really wish I can become a pro with Zangief. He's just so damn big and heavy, and his moves are hard to pull off on the fly. So when I pick him, all I do is try and rotate the pad 360 degrees in combination with a punch and kick hoping for a cool suplex to pop up. It's cheap...but it works and it's fun.

Also, King DeDeDe from Brawl. Same problem as Zangief. Heavy and slow. But his moves are so powerful. I don't win as much when I pick him.

My friend has the same problem when picking Ivy. She has some pretty good combos...but he just can't string them all together for a win. On that note...Taki and Ivy are so...distracting.

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pretty sure it's kanji for "destruction" or "death". Regardless, I'm gonna get it put on the back of a black shirt at the local T-shirt Diner, just for kicks (and cuz Akuma is the man).


It means heaven.

This is correct.


Same thing applies to Slayer in the Guilty Gear series. Damned cool and sophisticated character that I haven't got a hope in hell of beating anyone with, ever.

In my experience, Slayer is one of the easiest players to be good with in GG (as of Accent Core), along with Potemkin, Axl, and May. Here at Georgia Tech we've got like 5 slayer players, one of whom just started playing GG a week ago and is already kicking ass. If you want a hard character to be good with in GG, look at Johnny or Bridget.

I primarily use Baiken and Robo-Ky.

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I would kill to be good with either Fulgore or Glacius in Killer Instinct. They are both bad-asses, but as my fingers seem to contract rheumatoid arthritis every time I attempt to use them, I am forced to stick with Cinder.

Star Wolf from SSB.

Ermac from Ultimate MK3.

Lei from Tekken series. Dude has an ass-load of moves, but it takes unbelievable skill to be able to use all of them effectively.

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Karin in SFA3. :(

Haha amen. gotta love trying to kick someones ass with a girl who jumps out of a chopper :).

Though I have always loved Ayane from DoA series. I have a thing for really quick players even at the expense of little damage per hit... Now that I think about it I'm always using toons like this in every game I can think of o_o. Yuffie, Rikku, Selphie, Meru...

Back on topic, I could never get a good grasp on Leon from the Virtua Fighter series, so I settled on Tokyo from fighting Vipers (or the fighters megamix collection on Saturn).

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I have a thing for really quick players even at the expense of little damage per hit... Now that I think about it I'm always using toons like this in every game I can think of o_o. Yuffie, Rikku, Selphie, Meru...

I'm in the same boat. I'm a big fan of Ayane, Kasumi, Talim, Amy, and to a lesser extent Raphael, although strangely enough my mains are Hitomi and Cassandra on DOA4 and Soul Calibur IV respectively. Sakura's definitely my girl in Street Fighter when I'm not kicking it with Ryu or Guile. If I had to pick a character who I'm just not that effective with but that I like a lot, it'd be Guile. In games like SF I tend to rely on specials a lot and unless you've mastered the art of the turtle, I can't play Guile worth shit, so I'm still trying to adapt to his fighting which has proven to be pretty fun all the same.

...I think Street Fighter is the only series that I actually use dudes in...

Characters I want to try, but currently suck at? Zasalamel, Tira, Yun-seong, and Taki.

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Sophitia and Mitsurugi in SC & SC2. I initially chose Sophitia because I figured not as many people would pick her and I was impressed by her jumps. And Mitsurugi, he simply flows in combat. One of the best parts though, was that I had a friend who also mastered Mitsurugi and we would constantly duel with the two. Sometimes we would practically mirror each other, but at other times it was as though we were playing two entirely different characters.

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Any of the "space animals" in smash bros. Luigi, Link, Lucario, King Dedede, and Kirby

That's a lot of L's there...

Really, I'm ok with Link, but that's only because he's relatively similar to Yoshi as far as fitting into my play style...although not as much now as in the original game. (Interestingly enough Yoshi and Link both had the same person design their moveset in SSB64).

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