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Help with Red Hat Linux 8


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Im taking a class (IIS) in which we are using Virtual Box to run Red Hat Linux 8.

We installed RH from the CDs that came with the book. The first try it worked fine, but next time we powered it up, the OS was increadibly sluggish.

No one in the class knows why, not even the professor (well he doesnt have time time solve it, he said)

I'd like to know if anyone can help me. Because working with this is very anoying.

Im giving linux 1Gb of RAM to work with and its running as if it was using it all.

I just check the proccesses running behind, and there is 60% of the CPU not being used, so there is no reason why should it be running slow.

Could it be that this version of Linux is just crappy?

If you need any more detaills just ask.

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