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Contra 4 project slow trickle release begins!


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Small update, just put a video together using the first demo reel. Enjoy and be sure to vote/view/link!!! Contra 4 remix team depends on your support!

UPDATE: Contra 4 Demo Reel is up!

We have just released the first demo reel. These are WIPs and demos of the songs on the album that we've cut into small pieces and glued back to back to give you an idea of how the album is going to sound, do enjoy! We're gonna release another reel relatively soon, keep checking back! (AND CHECK THE SITE TOO!!! :D)

DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT :D!--------------------------


DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT :D!--------------------------

Well, we're winding down to the release of this thing. While we polish up the last couple songs and get the website and CD printing details finished up, we should start releasing teasers, demos and all types of footage to give people an idea of what went into the thing.

So here's a video my partner Tony Dickinson (Prince of Darkness) put together to do just that. (P.S. stay tuned for more as the days pass!)

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If there's one thing I hate, it's people who stall on their remix projects.

In all seriousness, though. Harvest Yard sounds amazing, as do the rest of the songs in the video. To say the tracks in the preview give justice to virt's work is a gross understatement.

I actually picked up Contra 4 just last month, so I'm more excited for this album than ever.

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