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Am I the only one?


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It really doesn't sound anything like the Zelda song. If anything, it sounds kinda like that one Timbaland song, except his version has drums and Nelly Furtado singing over it.

uhhhhhh he wasn't comparing them to the zelda music, but to each other

I mean how the hell did you get that

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There are so many sprites I misunderstood as a child.
I still misunderstand them.

I think the invention of low resolution graphics was to create some sort of widespread Rorschach Inkblot Test..... I even had issues with the Triforce pieces in Zelda 1 as a kid. Get the pieces out of order and I'd see somethin wicked in the triforce in the menu screen.

I'll call this post a wtf moment for me.

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Seriously, the best thing I've seen on OCR, as of yet.

Now that the pencil debate has subsided, this is another 'Am I the only one who heard that?'... thing.

Shut you eyes and listen to the first part of this...

Seriously, what were they thinking?? If her slut-astic suit wasn't bad enough...

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Is that a pencil gun?
Yup, that's bad N64 graphics for ya. I thought the same thing.
Am I the only one who was shocked by the promiscuity of Valentina's boob shaking when attacked?
AHAHAHA! I noticed that too.

Isn't the word "shit" in like a ton of the jet set radio songs? Specifically Rock it On: "ROCK THAT SHIT HOMIE"

You people keep READING MY MIND! Btw, that song is tight.
What's to understand? He's asking the dude if he's okay!


1. Sounds weird, but the prostitutes in SOR3 look good when they're dead. I can't find any immediate footage but the dance level is a good example.

2. Bumper Balls?


3. Crane game (no decent pics): they appear to be humping.


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