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OCR01093 - *YES* Breath of Fire 'His First Good Deed'

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Note - registering on SoundClick is pretty quick and will probably come in handy as more submissions are using it. I'll make the file available in the judges space whenever possible if you'd rather not...-djp


My Name is John St.John.

I go by the handle Trenthian


is where it is at.

It is titled His First Good Deed

This mix was made using FL studio, soundforge, large quantities of soundfont goodness, patience and headache (low ram computer makes the sound crackle during realtime playback.) This is of course a resubmission. I was not Satisfied with the initial submission.


if soundclick renames the file, just paste "Breath_of_fire_His_First_Good_Deed_OCReMix.mp3" as the filename.

soundfont - Orchestra

-2 flutes, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet, Brass ensemble, 3 different flavors of orchestral string sections. individually 2 basses and 3 cellos, Harp, Timpani.

soundfont - Rock and Pops

Tombek, Electric Guitar (Flangerized,) Acoustic Guitar strums and Single note tones. Jazz Bass. Rhodes Piano with tremelo. bass drums.

Soundfont- SFX

I took all sorts of SFX from different sources and pieced together a slightly inefficient soundfont of the sfx used in this mix. I set it up like a drumkit and used it as such. I know, using sfx as rhythm and percussion is a corny hing to do. so i guess Im a corny guy. (maybe I didnt pull it off too well either. but it was initially for my own enjoyment anyways so nyah!)


just about all the percusion, Various EQ and Reverb effects. some phaser, and some flanger.

now dissect this mix, and tell me how awesome I am...

(or how lame I am.)

Adore the site.

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Not bad, not bad at all. Well-realized development, rearranged with a good measure of success, and pleasant to the ears.

That's all that really matters if we go back to the basics.


Not exactly, but you get the pict... idea. The grunts and flame fx are superfluous, but not a big deal. Really enjoyed the exaggerated DSP synth stuff along with the usual orchestral. Not a perfect production by any means, but certainly a fun and legitimate listen.


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uhh.. wasn't sure what to make of this when i heard it. there are parts in this track that are very cheap sounding and other parts that are quite full. sound effects are difficult to work into a mix effectively and this is not an example of how to do it right.

oh well, this mix does have a lot to offer the listener. perhaps in some gestalt manner the whole is greater than the sum of the parts?

and man are you oogley.


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Yes, some parts of this definitely sound less than stellar, but most of it is indicative of a mixer who clearly knows how to execute a vision. This is a wonderful example of what I'd like to see more in orchestrations - far from cookie-cutter approach.

I do like the drums and percussion throughout. Ethnic percussion when used this well always is a bonus for me. I do agree with protricity about the sound effects. I don't really care for them in an orchestral setting. Weak ending though.

Great attention to detail, impressive instrumentation depth and usage. Good work.


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Very nice. Lots of ideas here, and for the most part they're well pulled off. Composition is much more sophisticated than the average mix- and that's a big plus.

Sound effects do come off as a bit cheesy I suppose- they remind me of the sort of thing you might hear during a symphonic "epic" piece by a power metal band. But hey, they don't kill the mix or anything.

Cool stuff.


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