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I have one crazy shot in the dark...what if it's Raiden's body but someone else' mind? Like Frank for instance? I mean he's mostly machine now so that's not as far fetched as some other stuff this series has pulled. The eye bandage could always be something more metaphorical, Kojima loves that stuff.

yeah and then he totally travels back in time to fight big boss!!!!!!


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Actually when you filter out the extra meat, MGS' story isn't that hard.

Well, that's sort of my point. The events themselves are pretty straight forward (even if it's easy to get bogged down in the details), but the way they're presented (out of order and through multiple layers of bullshit and general WTFery) make the entire thing just a giant clusterfuck.

Ironic as hell for the whole "a strong man makes his own destiny" thing, the entire Metal Gear franchise is basically about the main character getting lead around by the nose by someone smarter, more powerful, and better connected than he is. And half the time, once they figure that out, they go ahead and do what the other guy wants them to anyway.

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has anyone noticed that where the "kojima production" sticker used to be there's now a link to a flash picture of a mask?

it looks like it could be something different entirely

I only posted about it before all the news sites started to on the previous page (page 9).

The image may be a link to a potential ZoE...We might have a double announcement.


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I guess it could be Frank for all anyone knows, but I don't remember Gray Fox looking quite that feminine either, especially by his cyborg days.

Well, actually Gray Fox isn't necessarily shown in much detail... the hair color, eye color, bandaged eye all match up to Jaeger. And Frank Jaeger wasn't exactly what I'd call overly masculine... there was never enough detail to really pin down exactly what he looked like as only bits and pieces of his face are shown in any of the games. Sure, there were Codec images back on the MSX, but the character design could very well be modified to fit in a new Gray Fox situation just based on how the other characters designs have changed and evolved over time... hell, Snake has looked different quite a few times since the original Metal Gear.

Null had his face covered up... but now that I've googled his images and am taking a much closer look, he really could fit the bill if Kojima wanted him to be a pre-Raiden... he's not THAT much more masculine than Raiden, and his concept art (and codec pics) from older games could very well resemble this current "Raiden" teaser pic... again, if Kojima wanted it to.

Hell, who knows at this point. This is all just my untrained eye, but looking at the design though of this new teaser art, the screws imply a rudimentary form of exoskeleton, especially when compared to Raiden's suit in MGS4. in MGS4 Raiden's skin is scarred and stitched looking, while this possible Gray Fox seems a little more harshly assembled. Hell, he has a tattooed barcode on his face... surely with nanomachine tech they could keep track of this guy that way. I wouldn't be surprised if Gray Fox is originally put in some kind of prototype exoskeleton of the one that Raiden has in MGS4... except *SPOILER* at the end of MGS4 when Raiden is reassembled and human again */SPOILeR*. Maybe Gray Fox's exoskeleton fails and couldn't be repaired at the time due to technology limitations and they opted to go with more of a cyborg body... the MGS1 Gray Fox, cyborg ninja we all know and love.

I'm pretty sure it's not a vanilla Raiden though. Maybe its Raiden's son? Maybe Sunny and Raiden's son's son.

Heh? Heh?

And for the giggles:

IT'S A RESURRECTED RAIKOV!! *serious face*

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