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Bionic Commando


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So, who picked this up, and what are your gamertags?

The single player feels very limiting compared to the multiplayer game (which is awesome) -- but I haven't gotten very far into the campaign yet. Hopefully things pick up tomorrow, as I'll be putting it aside to play TF2 on Thursday.

Got it, PSN - jaychendy

I've only just got out of Fissure and I'm actually really enjoying it so far. I was worried when the reviews came in at being average to all-right but I'm having fun with it anyway, both offline and on.

Kinda sucks though how the invite system's a bit bugged on Team Deathmatch. Like, if I wanted to invite someone, I could but there's no guarantee (s)he's gonna be on my team. A bit lame but it's a flaw I can overlook as I've always been an "every-man-for-himself" sorta player.

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