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VG Opinion Poll #12 - Musical Skills: Remixer opinions wanted!


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This could get interesting...

Veteran Gamer Opinion Poll #12 - Musical Skills

<Disclaimer: Okay, it might be a little brazen, posting this on the same day that Bahamut's "Evolution of OCR" thread gets over 60 replies and 1,100 views, but I've been meaning to post it all week (no lie). This is only slightly related, for those who just came from that hotly debated topic.>

IMHO, the quality of ReMixes has improved since OCR's inception in 1999. Now I'm not bashing the older mixes, many of which I love, but I think most of you will agree. It seems to me that the change is due to a number of factors, including the evolving judging process and increasingly affordable mixing technology. I believe that the site has also attracted some high caliber musicians over the years as well. That said, I'd like to know how many folks out there have musical training and what level. This would be a good poll for some of the actual ReMixers to answer (hint hint). Oh, and singing counts too.

Okay, here's the question:

What level of musical study/training have you received?

a. none whatsoever/self-taught

b. some lessons/learned a song or two

c. played in school/a few years of lessons

d. degree in music/career in music

Vote and be heard! Don't be ashamed of your education. PM me if need be.

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I just graduated with my B.S in Music Education, with the applied instrument of viola.

I've taken lessons with a few people from the PSO on viola. I also played some trumpet in high school, took lessons privately with the band teacher there.

Looking to get a teaching job next year, and eventually I'll try to get my masters in either music performance or in music education.

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Mostly A. I've been teaching myself the piano and guitar. And I've been studying a lot of music theory.

A friend of mine who is quite the musician is giving me lots of tips and advice when it comes to music.

For the most part, I'm self-taught. But I'd love to take an actual course (violin!) when I hit college this fall.

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A - Self-trained

Started basically doing some simple electro and hip-hop beat-making, and made my way to other style during the course of years.

But even while not playing any real instruments, there's still a lot to learn with DAWs & hardware always evolving.

Also, most of sound processing is being done with a computer in the final phases of production (mixing & mastering).

So while it doesn't replace any formal musical training, it's always useful to have some knowledge in that domain. ;-)

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