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Tetris Theme A

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This is something I made during my AS year in music technology, as part of my arranging coursework. As I've finished the course, I thought I'd post it and see what anyone thinks to it - It was my second 'project' using Logic, and I don't think it got particularly good marks, but if anyones got any useful pointers, I might try and improve it.

I arranged the Tetris A theme into a general Rock style.


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I think this could be an excellent track as long as the production is done right.

First of all, i think the volume is way too loud, which is why you get a lot clipping noise during most of the track. I'm not sure if you compressed or EQ'd any of the tracks, but that would be the second step. Try turning the lows down on the EQ for the guitars to give the other instruments more room to stand out. I think maybe the drums might be ok once messing around with the EQs on some of the tracks.

I can't tell if those low notes are from the guitar or a bass track. If its a bass track, try turning the highs down on it so the guitars stand out more. Then maybe for the synth lead, turn the mids up a bit and the lows down.

As for the arrangement, i think its pretty strong. I think the main thing here is the volume levels being too loud. There should some sort of monitor in Logic for the volume, and when it gets into the red, its too loud and needs to be toned done a bit. I think once thats fixed you can work on expanding its length a bit more so its not just 1:21 long. Maybe some double time drums might add some more kick to it as well.

This definitely has potential to be a pretty kick ass remix! :)

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Yeah, currently it sounds a little muddy and lo-fi. The main thing killing it right now is production quality.

Overall though, I dig the arrangement and the style of the remix. Just a kind of chill rock out song with that tetris song we all know and love. (Definitely my personal fav)

It's too short too be considered a remix here, but I really think you should continue working on it. I like the groove you got going with the drums just helping the beat along but not pushing it to go insane, but towards the end the energy definitely starts picking up.

I also like the dirty octave bouncing bass you got going, of course however, if the song was too go on for too much longer then you should definitely change up the bass line.

But yeah, main thing is definitely you need to lower the levels of everything because as it is right now it's distorting and clipping heavily.

Still though man, I like it, I like where you're going with it and really think you should just clean it up, make it longer, and try to make it into a real remix.

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It's pretty good, but before fixing anything else,

MAKE SURE YOU FIX THE SOUND like everyone else here said. It's pretty good, but the sound is pretty much as the others said clipping and nothing stands out. It sounds bad in my new speakers, I'd DEFINITELY work on EQ and sound quality, as said before.

Also, it's TOO close to the source, and I'm surprised no one said this:

It's way too short. If you want this on OCR, you have to make it at least 2 minutes, try adding original melodies or some low energy parts.

EDIT: BLEH! MY BAD. Sorry, Nubioso.

It's just kinda "bleh" at the moment, if you know what I mean... I don't mean to take your remix and call it gutter trash, but it's kinda boring.

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"Also, it's TOO close to the source, and I'm surprised no one said this:"

Meh, cause it's only a 1:21 currently so I don't even think that presents a problem yet. Plenty of time to completely change it up. But yeah, if that kept on for another 3 minutes, then definitely.

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