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Tactical Fighter Experiment - Introduction


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I'm a big fan of Combat Flight Sims and the more Arcadish compromise in the Ace Combat Series... and Ace Combat 4 and beyond more or less mesmorized me with their music, but I was never able to forget the game that got me started in the genre, Tactical Fighter Experiment, or TFX for the PC. Recently, I found that someone finally uploaded them to Youtube (Naturally I nearly died of heartattack upon finding out, lol) after spending several years searching in vain. Now that I found them, having been following OCRemix for years, I wish to make a request for some sort of remix be done for any song, but the one I desire most is the following:

Granted I was like 10 at the time, I found it a real treat in my ears. Though my copy of the CD eventually got scratched beyond recognition, I couldn't forget that song... often I woke up in a daze in the middle of a study hall or some class I can breeze through the tests for in half the time given humming some song from TFX in my head. This and two other songs were particularly notorious to me for making me do this.

One of these was the scene when a mission ends either in your death or capture (I often flipped my plane over at 0 altitude and ejected just to listen to it).

Then last but not least, the Enroll song:

As I'm something of an artist with a pencil, I know that often an artist often prefers to feel freedom with their work so I will not request that any of these be done any particular genre. There are other tracks in the game that were also uploaded, really, I'd be happy with any of them being remixed.

Developed by Digital Image Design

Published by Ocean Software.

Composed by Barry Leitch

Thank you very much

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