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OCR01150 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Aquescent Symphony'

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very nice intro. excellent interplay between the guitar and flute

This is a very nice suprise.

the dynamics in this mix creep in and out like the tides, which fits right into the aquatic theme. Two distinct moods are represented here, the bright and lighthearted flute/harp duo, and the forboding strings. The contrast is really quite effective and beautiful. I wish it were longer.


Oh yeah, theres a terrible note at around 1:55. ouch.

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Wow. Super natural articulation in the intro. Great opening.

Oooooh...very nice strings. Simple and effective. I really love the meshing of the instruments. Water sound is a bit much, but works.

Very nice work. Wish the piano wasn't so bombastic at the end though.



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