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Mega Man X series: Maverick Rising - History


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We've got final WAVs for pretty much everything, but a lot of them are unmastered so we need some help there. I had a few people on board helping but I'm not really sure if any of them are gonna come through anytime soon, so I may be looking around for more help.

We've also got a few executive decisions that need to be made about which tracks to cut that still aren't finished, and what to do with the GRMB songs that haven't seen any updates since the competition.

So, tl;dr - we've got all the pieces there to make a finished product but we're lacking the dedicated people that we need to make the rest of it happen though :\

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The reason I don't have everything mastered already is because of snags. And because some are "unmastered" but are actually brickwalled and crap already. :-|

Ahhh, cool. Hit me up sometime and we'll touch base, just to take inventory and see who's doing what. Glad to see you're still around and willing to help though :-)

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Can't people have an equal interest in both?

FF series is waaay huger than MMX series, though people who listen will find that the MMX series has sweet music too.

Final Fantasy is fine, but MMX hits that sweet spot, musically, for me.

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The point here is

all music is almost pretty much awesome, unless it is not. Agreed? Agreed.

My ability to find an answer that pleases everyone still goes unchallenged. Harumph.

(guys, lets get the ready for when Bahamut gets back from boot camp!)

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(guys, lets get the ready for when Bahamut gets back from boot camp!)

You can help us accomplish this goal by getting me your damn track writeup for the Plaid Muffins song and getting in touch with Hemo to get the same from him :-D

Things are really coming along behind the scenes, I don't see any reason we won't be able to wrap this up by the end of the month if everybody cooperates. I'll be sending out another wave of PM's ASAP for those of you still missing stuff!

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Yeah, I can post one real quick. I've already messaged all these people individually (some multiple times) but I suppose crowdsourcing might get things done quicker :-)

Tracks that do not have a final WAV (or we're not sure whether or not the one you sent us was mastered... i.e. I never got a response from you)

Demonstray x2 (tracks will likely be dropped due to extended periods of no contact, never received WAVs for either track)

Gario (Crystal Crow Crusher)

Krow (Deep Sea Harmony)

zykO (Hunter) [track will probably be dropped due to a hard drive crash and the fact that a wav was never produced]

Content Policy Agreements

cyril the wolf



Track Writeups (these are optional but we'd like to get a statement from every artist about their tracks for the website)

Level 99 (on behalf of the Overclocked Plaid Muffins)

Cyril the Wolf x5

Krow x2

Gario x3







and anyone who did bonus tracks.

So yeah, that's pretty much what we're waiting on, in addition to the mastering of about a dozen tracks. If you are on this list for anything that means that, whether you sent it to Bahamut, Dyne, me, or whoever, I don't have something from you so you need to get in touch. The sooner we get this list cleared up, the sooner I can start encoding/tagging these sumbishes. If it goes too long and we still don't get content policy agreements/final wavs, we'll just start dropping tracks, I don't think anyone has a problem with that if it means keeping the momentum and getting this ready by the time Wes comes home.

Let's go!!

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Y'know, I could've swore I sent in the tracks twice and the writeups at least once. I'll send in another set though in a bit. I've also given the policy statements before, I'm sure, but... well, that might've been for another project. If they need to be in response to a specific form then please send them again.

I know that all my tracks I sent in were mastered, so if it's a matter of you not having them then... well, that'd suck. If you have a WAV of my track then it's the mastered version (as mastered as it's getting - I went over it once already for this and don't want to revisit it a second time).

I will send Dyne everything in the list again, though, so I suppose this is a non-issue.

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Yeah, Gario it's likely that you probably did send that all in, but the organization on this project has been a mess and a half. I'm really trying to keep my head on straight as I try to track down everything that was sent to various people. I very much appreciate your patience, especially if you've already sent your stuff in.

I think the only one we're missing is a WAV for Crystal Crow Crusher, but I can ask around and do some digging to see if maybe I just made a clerical mistake when updating the Doc that we're keeping everything on. If you have it though, it'd be easier to just send it again and skip the long, drawn-out search :-)

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