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Let it be known that I suck at this. I can't get past 24 lines in this game. I'm not sure whether to blame the rotating screen or my own ineptitude.

EDIT: Ok, just made it to 32. Still, I need MORE!

You can do it! Eventually it barely makes you dizzy at all. The best I've been able to do so far is 93 lines (but I usually fail out around stage 6.) After a while, though, it seems like it's moving too fast to possibly keep up. Yet, I can't stop playing :/

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Oddly enough, it never made me dizzy. My problem is more with trying to quickly deduce which way the pieces are going to turn and which orientation, left or right, they are. Very hard to figure out on the fly when the screen is rotating.

Incidentally, I just got to 39 lines. Which is odd, because it was on Night Mode. What's even more odd is that I score consistently higher in Night Mode than in Normal Mode.

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