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Josh Whelchel

Cancer Fundraiser Featuring OCR Artists

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Hey everyone,

I am in charge of the "Indie Music Cancer Drive" which puts out an album every year to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Last year we had huge success in raising over $6,000, but this year our goal is $10,000.

Please take a moment to check out our website and video here:

This year's artists include:

Select Start

Big Giant Circles

Stemage (of Metroid Metal)

Prophet of Mephisto (Bradley Burr)


Rellik's Band Battlecake

and a TON of others that aren't OCR related creating an extremely diverse mix of music.

If you donate $25 or more by March 1st, 2010 you will receive a FREE physical disc as a gift from us, but all donations of $10 or more receive digital copies when the album is completed.

Thanks for your time!

- Josh

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If you have 10 minutes of space, I think I can donate a track on there. There MIGHT be some stipulation to it (see Ethics - Record Label Edition thread) but I might could find a way to work around it (considering they don't own shit from me right now).

Can we talk on AIM later, mayhaps?

If not, I have another track that isn't quite as good, but still might suffice. I like it anyway and I can get someone to master it cheap.

Edit: Come to think of it, I might have more options than I think I do. Lemme look see later.

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I'm really looking forward to this release! Alec friggin' Holowka is in it! Even just the fact that Kyle Gabler was featured last year makes it something special, to me anyway.

Let's fight cancer, 'n stuff!

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