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OCR01978 - Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures "The Electric Flute"


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I can always find something to bounce to in any halc mix.

Perhaps it's the 3:14 AM coma that's hampering my hearing, but the zappy kick from 0:14 to 0:35 is about the only thing that felt off, or sounded rather.

The reincorporation at 2:06 is either a different kick altogether, or just doesn't bother me with all the other layers of ear candy on top of it.

Me like. Clicky that download button.

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Wow. This reminds me a lot of Sonic Advance (1), it kind of has that feel to it, lots of liberal use of the plain 'ole Square wave that gives retro games so much of their feel.

Fun piece, I really enjoyed it. I need to go hear it with Bass now, these speakers kind of suck. ^_^ It's shorter than a lot of my collection, but that's a good thing-- it doesn't have enough time to get old or boring.

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This sucks. Chiptune blows. HAL is the worst mixer here.


Anyway... mix.

I love the touch of the lttp string sample in the intro.

So... this is basically dark world.

I don't think this sounds as clear as some of your other mixes in terms of mixing this time - its a little murky, but so slightly, I think some of the backing strings might be a little loud at times, sometimes I feel the leads get slightly lost.

That said, arrangement is tight, and it does sound great despite what I said above.

Willrock likey ^-^

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I totally imagine myself trimming the grass, looking for coins with this song. :-)

I started playing the track, opened the review thread, and happened to read this comment right around 0:15, when a chippy percussive swipe sound comes in. Now I'm picturing Links slicing up tufts of grass to the beat.

Nice use of LttP strings. And you called this a Four Swords Adventures remix. :whatevaa:

The FSA-based flourishes are cool, though, and the remix does have a decidedly frosty feel. Looks like I forgot to download this when it came out, but that will be remedied.

that's because it IS a Four Swords Adventures mix :roll:

okay halc

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01978 - Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures "The Electric Flute"

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