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Looking for MIDI Accompaniment Artist/Orchestrator

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Hello there,

I go by the alias of markhansavon. I am a composer with more than 8 years of midi experience, and 2 years of intensive ear training study. My main focus is in creating really solid melodies, and it's what I enjoy the most in music creation.

I'm looking for someone to create accompaniment/orchestrate my melodies. In return, you would receive, with me, all of the rights to use the final song.

Here is a sample of my work. I only created the melody and harmony of this song. It was orchestrated and mp3ed by someone else:

- Main Theme for a Final Fantasy Fan-Game.

- Any style of music works.

- Skill level doesn't matter as much. In fact, it's even better if you're looking to improve your art of orchestration, but working in notation (even if you do input it with your keyboard) would be greatly preferred.

- You'll most likely need a DAW or Notation Software, like Sonar, that will show midi tags/markers. I make two tracks, firstly the melody, then the harmony, then I write all of the chords within the song.


If you would like to collaborate with me, just pm me, e-mail me at markhansavon@aol.com or aim me at markhansavon.

Thanks for your time. =)

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JAMES THE COMPOSER! Hey, I might help you out, time permitting. Are you asking for an orchestration or arrangement? I can do both, but I'd like to know what I'm doing before I get started.

For your sheet music, be careful - people HATE reading flats/sharps together like that. Oh, and naming chords like that actually don't have any real meaning... it looks more like a passing motion with a Neapolitan chord above it (probably sounds fine, though). Computer programs have a nasty habit of putting together things that have no practical purpose. Coming from a Contrapuntalist, anyway.

Otherwise, feel free to PM me something - although I can't guarantee anything, I might be able to whip something up for you (been a while since I wrote a harmony to a melody, so perhaps it'll be fun :P). I prefer both the MIDI and the score, if you can give them to me. I have Sibelius, for the tags, but I prefer not working with tags so I'll most likely use Reason, which doesn't read midis very well.

Why did you post your qualifications, anyhow? Don't need them to post those to say you need some help...

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First of all, that song is fantastic and sounds likes its right outta Final fantasy. :D

I wrote something to the tune of a Final fantasy theme. Its much more of an SNES Final fantasy sounding tune, but i think you'll get the idea.


and here's a good example of an orchestrated track i wrote:


or just check my reverbnation page for more of my music to get an idea of what i can do.

I just love writing music for projects. :) Let me know what ya think and if i could be able to help you out?

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