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prophetik music

need names of two flash games and a website

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this has been bumping around upstairs for a while, and i can't remember where i found this stuff.

the website was one that Caleb Kinkaid used to submit stuff to. it was a weekly 'contest' that highlighted great unknown game music. i found the Treasures of the Deep soundtrack through it several years ago.

the first flash game was one someone here turned me onto. it was streams of music that you redirected into boxes using these different circular objects, and while you couldn't hear anything at first when you got the audio into the boxes you started hearing a loop of music.

the second flash game has nothing to do with music. you start off with a bunch of circular tiles that disappear when the stack is the right height (based on a number on each tile). i have NO idea what it was called. it used to be my casual game of choice before i discovered bloons.

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