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To give a bit of an introduction: I'm a long time listener and first time poster with a love of all things video game (and OcRemix, to tell you the truth). I'm pretty sure i've been listening for the last 4 or 5 years (no idea how I found the site in the first place, though), and I'm hoping to actually get something submitted at some point.. though I've no experience remixing anything.

Anyway, the following address will direct you to a little album effort of mine, the "demo disc." It's just a (remastered) collection of what I've been working on over the years, and demonstrates one aspect of my compositional ability. I've also got a skill for writing classical music (for piano especially), rapping, and lyricism in general I suppose. I mention this on the little album description, too.

I hope you'll listen and tell me what you think. [Edit: And the album is free! So don't be intimidated by that "Buy Now" button. Donate if the winds of generosity are blowing your way when you listen. And let me know if you donate, too, so I can give you a personal thanks]

I'm also dying to collaborate with someone on something, too.. so let me know if you're interested and we'll talk.

The url: http://Slide20xl.bandcamp.com

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