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Getting back into Piano...

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I had a teacher and he taught me with the assistance of Alfred's All-in-One Piano Course for Adults.


However the book is meant for a pure beginner and might be a little too simple for you if you have more than a year or two of previous piano experience.

I also recommend, overall, to get a teacher though for maximum "skill recovery".

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Books or DVDs don't slap you on the wrist when you're doing it wrong.

A teacher would be extremely beneficial if you are serious about going back into piano and progressing, but one is not entirely necessary, though recommended for those who don't know anything or getting back into things.

Alfred is good only for beginners who are looking to play single melodies with chords and not practicing multi-movement in both hands. What exactly are you looking for anyways? Classical approach? Jazz?

A good way to getting your fingers use to a piano's touch and practicing technique is picking up a Hanon 60 exercise book: http://www.amazon.com/Virtuoso-Pianist-60-Exercises-Schirmers/dp/0793525446

If you are confident that you have the hand/back posture, go for that book. It's good for working on accuracy and technique, but it isn't going to make you a genius. That's a start.

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I agree, get a teacher.

I played around with a piano for about half a year before I started piano lessons (a while ago) so I was immediately comfortable with it but I didn't really advance in that time. I took piano lessons up until grade 6, then I went to university and stopped them. Since stopping them I think I have improved very slightly just by playing around for ages though if I was having lessons in that time I would have improved massively more. I think truly having something to practise and forcing your muscles to do a task rather than play around doing what they want is totally, totally, totally more beneficial for your playing.

I'd be a little sceptical about books & DVDs. Perhaps get books if you are particularly enthused and not likely to look at them for a bit and then think "oh that's hard, i'll do something else", which is something I do! I had Hanon's exercises too, it took me a while to realise the effect, but it improved my playing alot.

Good luck!

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