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OCR01253 - Final Fantasy VII "Fight On"

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ROCK ON!!! The minute I put it on, I get this immediate rush. I don't care what planet you're from, you gotta love every minute of it. Perfect for every occasion: at a party, alone, or even better, driving down the highway rocking out to this blaring from the speakers!!! It's just plain fun! CarboHydroM, keep it coming! I dunno what else to say about this. Amazing, just absolutely amazing.

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Totally brilliant!

The amount of energy and variation infused in this ReMix is astounding.

Both the drums and the guitar have been handled / crafted with such great skill well, either could be the 'driving force' behind the song. With both of these elements of the song going at full tilt, this has the power to grab your attention and keep you with it as it goes in every which direction. Perfect for that adreline pumping boss situation.

All in all, great playing and creativity makes for an awesome Remix. It would be nice if it were possible to put this track into the game instead of the original!

I've gotta check out your 'Space Harrier' remix asap.

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I loved this song in its original form and Carbo has done an excellent job with it.

The first thing I want to comment on is Carbo's excellent abilty to play the guitar. He truly brings the songs he performs to life. Now I felt the even though the song was good it had it's down points. Namely at the end, where I was expecting a little more than just a repeat. However I felt that even though the drums got a little repetive at times they had some rather innovative beats. Also I want to point out the when ending a song try not to make it too abrupt.

Overall the song was excellent head-banging material. Rock fans will defiently enjoy this one.

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  • 2 years later...

some earlier CH material that holds up pretty decently- the first half is a bit too similar to the source, but then it does a great job of deviating into some great interpretive arrangement. The snare is a bit over-compressed i'd say, but the mix overall still retains a good deal of power. Guitars sounded pretty good and the playing was really nice.

Nice rockin work. :-)

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