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Mega Man X: The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010


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Was about to submit a new mix with many fixes to shortcomings I had there which I noticed only after a good night's sleep (not to talk about the bigger shortcomings that were the result of doing it all in one night :-P), but damn, time wasn't on my side. Now I'll have to pay the consequences.

Well, anyways, good luck to everyone in Z-bracket and the to-become winners of the first round here. It'll be interesting to watch and hear :)

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Man, this is insane... I want to hear what everyone is doing for the Zero bracket after listening to the X round, but we all have to wait until this weekend, don't we?

My track is coming along great, by the way - mixing two sources together is one of my favorite things to do, and getting something like Crowang mixed into a 13/8:3/4:4/4 format is really fun to do.


Damnit, I wish I could hear Sixto's version, now - I'm really friggin' curious how he's doin'. The anticipation is killing me.

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Yeaahh, I'm definitely lookin forward to the zero bracket. Anticipation is built up so much more now, since there are two seperate brackets with one from each making the final decision.

So that kinda means that even though all of the x and zero have to battle each other within each bracket, when it comes down to it, they still must all band together to rep their bracket, meaning, no matter who comes out on top in our bracket, I will be rooting for them when it comes time to duel the zero bracket lol.

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Let me remind y'all about the voting instructions (emphasis mine):

Voting is open to the public. Please vote!

Please remember to cast a vote for EVERY battle taking place in the voting period, otherwise your votes won't be counted.

Repeat: vote for ALL 3 OF THEM, or none of your votes count. I count four voters who haven't voted on all tracks.

PS. everybody vote for me plz

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Just a reminder for anyone who wants their vote to count for the round, you have a little over a day left! Voting closes 12PM EST - October 31.

You guys who have voted incompletely (votes were cast but not in every battle) as of right now, neblix and Digi_Dude_87, get your votes in!

By the by, how many Z bracket WIPs ya got so far?

And thanks for providing the source tunes, KB. I needed to look them up, myself, as I wasn't too familiar with the MSP or Pegacion themes.

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metal shark player

spiral pegacion

infinity mijinion

web spider

spark mandrill

boomer kuwanger

overdrive ostrich

blizzard buffalo

how without sources?

Thread now with infinitely more source! Engineer is credit to team!

I have some drunk touhouing to do for the llulz, but tomorrow i shall listen and vote.


In soviet russia


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