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If everyone posted their stuff here, there's be nothing else in Community. Sorry, you'll have to attract listeners some other way. Yes, Originals is underappreciated and undervisited. No, Originals is not the focus of ocr.

In before move to Originals. edit: I read the post, not the thread title. somehow.

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"in before move" ? I don't know what you meant there pal.

Yeah it's like a conform-copy of the real song + a solo lol... So not a remix (except I added a solo), where do we post those ?

Rozo meant your post/this thread will certainly be moved to the good sub-forum, which is the "Post your game remixes!", where you can post your game remixes (obviously!) :)

Anyway, cool interpretation! :)

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Yep, and as you can see, it got moved. Had I not forgotten the thread title while writing, I wouldnt have been distracted by your weird idea of posting a vgm remix in originals and talking about that. Everything is your fault. :P

On to the remix, then. Original+guitar+drums. With the additions you've made, you could probably extend this further, the descending arpeggio solo is pretty cool. The sound effects and sounds from the original don't do it for me, they just make it sound cheap. The lead form the original is especially jarring in how it adds to the disparity between sounds, it'd otherwise just sound like a cover with sound effects as most of the other sounds don't make it past the guitar. As an additive mix, I guess it's ok, just not my thing.

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The only thing from the original is the "slash" sound of the X and the X-Buster at the end. The strings maybe sound like the original (which I wanted) but they are real instruments.

Well congrats on using sounds that sound a lot like the original, then. A little too much, when it starts sounding lo-fi. ;)

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