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Motion Controllers (Wii, Move, Kinect)


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So I tried the Kinect and the Move yesterday and I thought I would post my thoughts.


The Kinect feels like some device from the future. Your hands guide the cursor along the menus and the whole experience just screams of sci-fi moments from Minority Report and the like. That being said, the Kinect is also horribly slow, with very noticeable lag between your actions and the on-screen actions. The Kinect has to actually watch your motions, so everything is delayed so that the Kinect can keep up with your body. It feels sort of disconnected and strange. Navigating menus is easy enough once you get used to the floaty, delayed controls, but since there's no buttons, you have to hold your hand over the option you want until a little bar fills up to accept your command. That's going to get old really fast. Most of the games are based on very basic gestures (just like the Wii) but the gestures are more complex and varied since they involve more than just waving your wands.


The Move looks and seems like another Wii, but it is most certainly not. The Move is accurate, frighteningly accurate and fast. The game I played did require a quick calibration before each play (the Kinect did not), but it takes literally 5 seconds to calibrate and you're ready to go. Using two Move controllers (instead of one Move controller and one Wii nunchuck-type Navigation controller) is an amazing experience, one that the Wii and the Kinect cannot hope to duplicate. Outside of regular gameplay, the Move works almost exactly like the Wii, it has a large Move button in the center (like the A button on the Wii) which does most of the actions and accepts menu commands and a cursor on the screen helps you aim the Move controller at the screen.

This article pretty much sums up my thoughts: http://technolog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/11/03/5404213-kinect-vs-move-vs-wii-fight

TL;DR- Kinect is Wii 2.0, Move is freaking sweet.

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