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*NO* Space Invaders 'Super Retro Space Hero'


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"Super Retro Space Hero"


prisoner #21613

Started this on Thursday night, and the next day djp says the following in the write-up for ABG's Schala mix:

"I'd love to see all of you branch out, start covering some undiscovered country, and shine a spotlight on corners of VGM that are less tread, or completely unexplored."

That's when I felt I had to finish this one asap. 100% of source used in 100% of the mix. All synths here are EFM1, Logic's built-in fm synth. All notes have the same velocity. Yes, those silly rules I make up for myself make remixing more fun. :D Pass or no pass, this was one of the more fun tracks I've done in a while. Enjoy.



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Thought about this one for quite a while, and I came to this conclusion: I just don't see it being possible to remix a source of 4 notes and have it be recognizable as a game remix. I'm skeptical that anyone would say 'Hey, this is from Space Invaders!' after listening to it.

On the good side, I really like listening to this, and plan to keep it in my playlist. I just can't hear it as a remix.


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well, that was an easy source to wrap my head around. ;-)

The beat here is pretty generic and frequently feels like you pressed the 'dance' setting on your keyboard. There is a minor changeup, but then it just goes on autopilot for that as well.

While it's clear you used the source notes throughout, it really goes into some way liberal territory, and I think I might agree that there are just some songs that are nigh-un-remixable. I enjoyed it, but I need to also give it the


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Even a two-note melody is remixable, IMO, as long as it's recognizable as the source, and the source isn't marginalized. Parts of this song do both those things for me, namely:







I intellectually see the connections you're making with the source in the other places but when you change the rhythm of a four-note source, it doesn't sound like that source anymore. The rhythm is almost everything defining it. Above, I only counted the parts where it played straight. Though you used the source straight at 0:43-1:15 and 3:06-3:18, I didn't count those because the source was buried under other synths. That puts this at about 43% source usage, which is pretty close but hard to say YES to. I bet you could make some quick modifications to this and get my vote. But as the other two votes show, it may not be that easy to get four people who think this is an acceptable arrangement.

By the way, if you do another version, you really should do some tempo increases as the song progresses. :razz:

NO (resubmit)

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