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Spinning Bird Chick - Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

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Not that I plan to submit this piece. I already went through that "trial by fire" scenario with my previous mix for No More Heroes. This one was more about having fun and making an arrangement for a character that I appreciate.

This mix is for the first lady of fighting, Chun Li. I find myself displeased with the music for Street Fighter IV. It is hardly memorable (especially when compared to the work of Hideki Okugawa for Street Fighter III or Yoko Shimomura for Street Fighter II). Given that position, I decided to create my own SSFIV theme for Chun Li. This track is a dance track that incorporates elements of Chun Li's Street Fighter II theme, with quite a bit of original composition.

Spinning Bird Chick


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@ Black Mage revolution

Thank you for listening. As for Ebony Intuition, you can either look up that post in the Judge's forum (should still be there. It was only rejected about a month ago) or, I can offer a brief statement on the matter. Essentially, while the acknowledged the depth of interpretation that is present in the piece, they felt that it was still lacking in variation. There was some subjective disagreement about my synthesizer choices. There was also some concern about the EQ of the track, and on that note, it is the one point with which I actually agree.

I should have chosen a different mastering suite to really help with the clarity and to reduce the dominance of the bass. All in all, I am glad that you enjoy my music. The fans/listeners are the real reason behind making this music, rather than the pursuit of the minutia of composition and technological processing. But, there decision is at it is. It is not as if it denies the public the ability to hear the track. It merely restricts the available avenues to the piece in question. Also, I am not upset. I am mostly concerned with contributing to the global video game community, in my own fashion. I don't expect everyone to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

@ Chickenwarlord

I agree some what. The synth that I used for the main melody was not entirely to my liking. However, I was unable to find a superior option. What you hear is the result of EQ work and a unison device. It is perhaps not the most dynamic sounding synth, but I feel that it does not adversely affect the overall groove. Unfortunately, I only have Reason 3, so I do not have Thor, which I hear allows for the creation of some very nice, thick synths. I will be attentive to scouring my rack options in the future. Thank you for the thoughts and for listening. If I ever do a full on redux of this piece, addressing the lead synth is on the top of the priority list.

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