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Paper Mario And The Thousand Year Door [ The Shadow's Final Curtain ]

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Ahhh, not too much more that I can improve on, you know...

Maybe increase the drum energy, but as a whole, I'd say I'm about finished.

This is final battle theme of Paper Mario, with the Shadow Queen.

My only complaint is that some parts feel a little empty, but the song's much clearer now, especially the awesome solo at 2:30! :D

Honestly, it feels incredible to know I had the ability to create something like this...

So tell me what you guys think! Am I set?




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It's got some sexy lead guitar action, bro. I like the overall sound of this track, and I enjoy how it sticks to the source, as well.

I'm not going to be the right guy to talk about any possible production issues, though - right now I'm only able to listen through some busted speakers that mess up the sound. Gimme 'til the beginning of this year and I can give it an appropriate critical listen, but from what I can hear you're really layin' on the sexiness upon my eardrums.

If someone else who has better speakers could check for production issues, I'm sure that would be greatly appreciated by Black Mage Revolution, here. I'd highly recommend sending this through mod review, right now, rather than 'finished', since it seems ready for that stage.

Nice work - shame you didn't post this in the old thread so people could compare and contrast.

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