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Video game remixes that aren't on OC


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also, looking at Rama's sig makes me happy since both those articles were written by me. ^.^

With another going up soon!

I have a few of my own to post, but not having a working version of Photoshop has discouraged me from making posts because I don't have images for them ;-;.

I'll be spending my evening trying to fix that because that's just not acceptable.



And duh arrange stream:


What arrange stream is is a huge Japanese RSS feed from a bunch of different doujin artists and R:TS and OCR. Can find some pretty sweet stuff sometimes.

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It's pretty futile to merely mention the bajillion of Touhou doujoshinji (sp) or whatever you call the remixed musics.

I suppose it could seem a bit overwhelming when you realize that if you listened to one Touhou remix album a day, you'd probably die before you made it through them all.

But the reason I didn't mention Touhou is because there isn't a clearninghouse with a smattering of artists (such as ocr) and, even then, a given circle's remixes are usually confined to that series of games rather than the entirety of gaming. So, you'd have to be one to listen to music from games you (probably) haven't played and be willing to ask for recommendations (or be willing to spend time poking around). I doubt I would have gotten into it had I not become immediately addicted to the games, though, so I still suggest that route to anyone with at least a passing interest in shmups.

Not that any of that should deter someone who likes vg remixes. And there are people here who are happy to give recommendations.

Keeping up a Comiket 79 post, myself... perhaps mainly because it's fun to be current on something for once.

Speaking of doujin remixes, here's Dhsu's old thread: Japanese Remixes. Not all of the links are dead! Add "http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en-us&u=" to the beginning of a url for a (not completely broken) translation to English.

I haven't made my way through any of those yet, but like Rama said, there's surely a lot of good stuff out there. I mean, this is Japan we're talking about. They're crazier than us about video games.

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