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Recommend me a JRPG

prophetik music

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Resonance of Fate. Go!

This! Great game but also drove me crazy. At one point I stopped doing any side quest and just went through the story quests. Some of the side stuff was just to hard and I dont have the patience for it like I use to.

Also, I dont know if anyone mentioned this yet but Shadow Hearts. Especially the 2nd one. Great games. Very dark, fun battle system, great characters and great music.

Breath of Fire V is very good as well. Though not a great Breath of Fire game, I think its still a very under appreciated RPG.

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Legend of Mana is my absolute favorite Mana game

if they made an MMO that was almost exactly like LoM, I wouldn't ever need to buy another game again

It's probably mine, too. I like the fact that there are seperate plot arcs, and how and when you complete them is up to you. The monsters and attributes of a place change depending how you place them too, so no playthrough is the same. It was a nice action RPG that didn't stick you on some plot railroad. It was also a game where you could miss an awful lot.

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