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Metroid in the snow


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Here's a mix I've had in my head for a while. :) Don't know if the title fits but right now I'm sticking with it.

I'd appreciate any kind of feedback.

Sources are

Super Metroid - Red Brinstar

Metroid / Super Metroid - Title

Version 4 (I didnt upload v2 and v3)


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Excessive piano reverb, and an unrealistic many piano notes seem to be full velocity. Hard to hear the piano for all the other stuff going on sometimes, but the piano sounds mechanical and at times possibly three-handed. There's also compression problems, bass is too loud. Strings should probably be a staccato sample instead of short legato notes. Technically, the compression and the mechanical sequencing are its biggest problems.

The progression of the arrangement is nice, source sprinkled all throughout the arrangement. It's quite empty a lot of the time, tho. Such a piano-centric mix would benefit lots from more left-hand piano writing. Some abrupt transitions. Overall, I like it, it uses the over-remixed Red Brinstar source in a new and interesting way, plus there's the SM intro and stuff. The arrangement's biggest problems are the emptiness and the transitions.

So... could be awesome, has some problems atm. Good luck with it. :)

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I hate to simply echo what everyone else has said, but I've gotta say, this is an awesome arrangement, though I also agree with the sentiments that the piano is not the best sounding. What are you using as the sample? My current WIP is also a solo piano, and I have no production skills whatsoever, so I finally found a place I could record at (even though it still isn't a perfect setup), which helped me out a lot. Though it does sound like there are some three handed places, which may make that more difficult.

As far as the arrangement goes, there are a few places where it feels a little empty, as others have said, but I think part of that could also be the reverb. But towards the end, the piano gets clouded out by the drums and feels like its buried, even though it also feels like it should be the most important part there.

Keep this up! Don't give up on this remix - it has a lot of potential.

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Well, this is interesting. Comparing this to the earlier version, it doesn't sound like a ton of the reverb was removed, but with the atmospheric overtones, to me it sounds a lot better. It gives it more of that airy, snowdrift feel. It makes me think of Phendrena Drifts, even without any of that source tune included (that I noticed at least). My opinion of production isn't the greatest though, so hopefully someone else can help a bit more on that side.

Arrangement-wise, I just wish I could get a copy of the sheet music. It truly is fantastic. :)

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Gonna be lazy and just edit my previous post. :D

Piano now sounds unrealistically exposed, the short notes sound weird when paired with the longer ones. It's a technique, sure, but it sounds silly. Sustain the notes for added realism. The piano still sounds mechanical. A piano is a really dynamic instrument, but you seem to be playing in the upper 30 velocity levels all the time. I can still hear compression problems during the louder parts. EQ down unnecessary frequencies (like lows on instruments that don't need lows, sub-frequencies from pretty much everything except bass and kick), and use a limiter to cut the peaks. The compression and mechanical sequencing remain problems.

It's quite empty a lot of the time, still. Perhaps some more right-hand writing would improve it (whether it's 5ths and octaves in the 0:49+ source melody or something more intricate sprinkled into other parts, idunno), or perhaps you need additional instruments or just use more of the strings and choir that you already have? Transitions feel like they work better now. The arrangement's biggest problems are the emptiness and perhaps a lack of direction, but I suck at all the direction stuff so don't take my word for it.

A step in the right direction, still got stuff to do before it shines.

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