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The Defense Is Ready II (Gyakuten Saiban 2 / Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All)

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Click the image below to hear my newest Gyakuten Saiban 2 Trial Theme remix. And here's the

I've been working on a remix album of the Gyakuten Saiban series entitled GYAKUTEN MEETS THE STREETS. Thankfully, I managed to get myself a little over 100 youtube subscribers due to the rough drafts I had been posting for a while, but I stopped putting up new songs for almost a year and a half (reasoning being that I intended on finishing the whole album before posting anything else). That didn't really sit well with me though, and I found that in that time span my motivation had only been slowing down (even if I did make a good amount of progress in rap writing).

At any rate, this is my first update to the series since way back then. I'm thankful for the 1 comment and 4 forum replies I've gotten elsewhere, it appears most of the people who used to listen to the series might be dead or something --. *shrug*, but I s'pose everyone has their rights to go dead for a while just as I had. So I bring my latest remix here, to OCRemix (by suggestion of The Pezman), in hopes to find one of my greatest motivators: feedback. By all means, let me know if you love/like/dislike/hate what you hear! As long as your hate includes constructive criticism, of course.

I just realized upon listening to the source that I forgot the bridge completely >>. That's never happened to me in remixing anything else. It's a rough though, this'll be corrected. For now what's most important is the over all sound of things.

Thanks for listening!

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I try =P.

To think I actually forgot the bridge completely though! I have to get in there and knock out a section down to make room for it because I'll admit the part leading up to the piano solo does get repetitive, even if only slightly, because it repeats once with barely any variation... So this awesome bridge that I overlooked will be the solution!

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Really cool stuff here. Maybe you could have more hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, etc in the drumline and, as you say, get your idea for a bridge in there too.

It'd be great to get an mp3 version uploaded to a site aswell since youtube tends to make things sound a bit worse than they actually are to me.

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