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I need a guitarist!


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So I've been working on this recently:


which is a remix of a track from an old DOS game by Apogee, 'Bio Menace'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgP9YH0g7eE (20 seconds onwards)

I plan on co-submitting this with whoever helps me, i've got the rest of it done, but I can't play guitar very much at all...

So for the first time here i'm looking to collaborate with anyone who would be interested in being my guitarist. I'm leaving it largely up to you what you want to do with it (the guitar i've added is just some general, badly played, ideas).

I would like the main guitar solo to play between 1:32 and 2:05, but I'm encouraging anyone interested to really make the guitar part their own, so if you want to steal the show somewhere else go for it, add as many guitar parts as you feel necessary, I just want that live feel to it.

The track is in Gm and at 119bpm if you wanted to jam along or anything for now, but if you're genuinely interested message me and we'll discuss things.

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